what has your sister done 6

What Has Your Sister Done? is a collection of true stories about young women and their unplanned pregnancy. Some have kept their babies while others placed their babies for adoption or terminated their pregnancies through abortion. Because many aspects of unplanned pregnancy aren’t talked about, these stories are shared in hopes they will give light, a voice, a way to heal and help others in the same situation. Having had her own unplanned pregnancy, author Laura Lofgreen wanted to understand the diversity of challenges and strengths these young women experienced and in the end, how their stories are more powerful than they ever realized.



After having her 6th child, Laura Lofgreen was overweight and her self-esteem was slipping away. Dieting felt like a vicious cycle and she’d tried it so many times, she “would rather be overweight then fail again on another diet.” On January 3, 2016, she did something she hadn’t done in nearly 20 years. She fasted.

She had the idea that fasting could teach her self-discipline over food, something she had no control over. Was there more to this timeless, religious practice than she realized? Her experience was validated when she discovered the many health benefits of intermittent fasting, daily 16-hour fasts with an 8-hour eating window. With intentional prayer and purpose, her fasting experience came alive. She learned to stop negative inner self-talk, live in the present and experienced weight-loss. Available on Amazon and Kindle.