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You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.

Martin Luther 1483-1546

S.H.I.N.E. Some History Is Never Expected is the exciting new series by author Laura Lofgreen – retelling historical events in a way it could have happened if those forgotten by time could have shared their story.

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The first in the S.H.I.N.E. series, is The Stolen Bible .

Who is Martin Luther? A monk, priest, theologian, professor, but most importantly, a man who taught others that God loves His children.


Christians agree Martin Luther changed the course of western history for the better by starting the Protestant Reformation.  A Biblical scholar, he questioned the practices of a church teaching hell, fire and brimstone, controlled by the government and practicing indulgences (the paying of a monetary price to have your sins forgiven). Through Luther’s Biblical faith and determination, he found a path not only to God’s love, but to a revolution.

When I wrote The Stolen Bible I had very little knowledge of Martin Luther.  So, how did it happened that I’ve spent the last five years of my life writing about this time and researching this spiritual giant?  As an author, I hoped someday I could write a meaningful, even important book.  One day, I felt in my heart, “The most important book in the world has already been written.” I knew right then and there that I needed to be reading more from the Bible.  I could learn much about the writing craft from New York Times Best-Selling authors, but was I reading from the men and women, many who risked their lives to share their faith and write down their words?  Somehow, my desires to learn more about the Bible lead me to 16th century Germany.  This was a time when very few people knew how to read and the Bible was only possessed by the leaders of the state church.  I wondered what it would be like to live in a time where not just reading, but possessing the Bible wasn’t possible.  Suddenly, I imagined a mother, a woman who’d been accused of being a witch, whose newborn daughter was not granted baptism by the local priest.  Believing her little girl was doomed to hell, what would she do?  What risks would she take and who would help her?  As this daughter grew up, what role would she play in fighting such opposition?  I knew this story could only be told if I interjected some of my own fictional ideas, because after all, that’s half the fun. I’m not a Biblical scholar, nor am I a historian, but through fascinating research and study of the Bible, my imagination came alive with possibility.  At the end of the book is a timeline of truthful facts about Martin Luther. The Stolen Bible is a historical fantasy about the faith it took to stand up for truth.

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what has your sister done 6

What Has Your Sister Done? is a collection of true stories about young women and their unplanned pregnancy. Some have kept their babies while others placed their babies for adoption or terminated their pregnancies through abortion. Because many aspects of unplanned pregnancy aren’t talked about, these stories are shared in hopes they will give light, a voice, a way to heal and help others in the same situation. Having had her own unplanned pregnancy, author Laura Lofgreen wanted to understand the diversity of challenges and strengths these young women experienced and in the end, how their stories are more powerful than they ever realized.

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After having her 6th child, Laura Lofgreen was overweight and her self-esteem was slipping away. Dieting felt like a vicious cycle and she’d tried it so many times, she “would rather be overweight then fail again on another diet.” On January 3, 2016, she did something she hadn’t done in nearly 20 years. She fasted.

She had the idea that fasting could teach her self-discipline over food, something she had no control over. Was there more to this timeless, religious practice than she realized? Her experience was validated when she discovered the many health benefits of intermittent fasting, daily 16-hour fasts with an 8-hour eating window. With intentional prayer and purpose, her fasting experience came alive. She learned to stop negative inner self-talk, live in the present and experienced weight-loss. Available on Amazon and Kindle.